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“Our task is never complete until we have done our absolute best to obtain justice for you. For in the end, justice is achieved one client at a time.”

Employee Rights Lawyers

 If you think your employment rights have been broken, chances are we can help you. Kenneth MacDonald is a certified employment and labour law lawyers with 20+ years experience.

We Care About Your Rights

We are regularly asked by employees to handle:

  • Employment standards issues
  • Wrongful dismissal claims
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board issues
  • Review employment contracts
  • Review termination packages

Human Rights, Discrimination & Accommodation

We appear before numerous administrative tribunals and the Courts to resolve disputes involving human rights claims, including pay equity and discrimination issues.

What People Say

I have been representing employees for over 20 years and in all aspects of employment and labour law including wrongful dismissal, human rights, non-competition agreements, conflict of interest litigation, insurance and disability claims injunctions, applications and appeals to all employment boards and tribunals.

I’d like to take this opportunity to commend the work of Hyde HR Law, a Toronto full-service labour law firm that is often on the “other side” when it comes to litigation. But I have nothing but respect for Hyde’s commitment to advocacy. If your firm is looking for an employment lawyer in Toronto then we recommend Hyde.

Kenneth MacDonald

Wrongful Dismissal

wrongful dismissal in Ontario occurs when an employee is terminated without cause, fired or laid off by their employer and not provided appropriate notice of termination or pay in lieu of notice. Pay in lieu of notice is commonly referred to as termination pay or severance pay.

Human Rights

Have you been rejected for a job, or lost a job, or been treated differently because of your race, gender, or other personal characteristic?

Do you have a disability or require accommodation for things like childcare or addiction?

Workplace Safety / Covid Protocols

Are you confident that you are completely safe in your office? If you work in an office, you might believe that health and safety policies do not apply to you. But the truth is that, regardless of whether you work in a safety-sensitive role or spend most of your day behind a desk, all employees have the right to a safe working environment..

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